List of Fringe Activities for 2020 D&D and Festivals

Several countries around the world host Fringe Festivals. These are all based on different themes. Based on the themes, the list of fringe activities in them also vary. These are like the normal activities that you might organize at any party.

These carry the fun element in them but on a larger scale. Activities planning here happens to keep the larger crowd in mind. There is also a considerable sum of money that goes into the planning of these activities.

M1 Fringe Festival is one such huge festival which takes place in Singapore every year. The 2020 festival took place in January, and it set new records. We cannot wait for the arrival of the next Fringe Festival after the effect this year’s event left on us.

What is the Singapore Fringe Festival all about?

This is an annual event that predominantly brings theatre and art in various forms. International artists and Singaporean artists create events. Some exhibitions offer a treat for all your senses.

Art that engages the audience is the main motive. It also gives something to take back for everyone who visits the events.

What was the theme of the 2020 Fringe Festival?

The core theme was “My Country My People,” a poem by Lee Tzu Pheng. The festival of 2020 included 11 shows, all of which took place in different regions. This was a theatre festival predominantly and a treat for the art fanatics. There were events for all types of audiences and shows that could turn anyone into an art lover.

The list of fringe activities of the year consisted predominantly of art groups setting the stage on fire with their unique performances. The use of mixed media to make art more relatable has been the biggest strength of the fringe activities of the festival. Of course, you can go crazier with even more brilliant high engagement activities that will definitely make your participants even more excited!

There was a smart use of the latest technologies like VR to provide an immersive experience to the audience. The other exciting activities included secret theatre shows.

List of Fringe Activities: What to take from the Fringe Festival for your events?

Inspirations for your events are available in abundance from the list of fringe activities that are part of such large scale fringe festivals.

> Artistic face painting can be one such activity if you have a lot of art lovers in your party.

> The other idea could be an exhibition of contemporary artists who are prevalent in your region.

> Group sing-along is another activity that is popular in various fringe festivals.

Besides Singapore’s festival, there are also similar events held around the world. Being a part of these fringe festivals lets you explore your love for art and get to know about the latest updates in the world of art. When you get back, you also walk away with presents and memories of the festival.

You also gain ideas for your list of fringe activities to conduct during the next party or corporate event you organize. Get some tips on how you can offer awesome Corporate Gifts to your special VIPS. There are ways There are event planners who can help you throw any scale of activities easily and with reasonable budget allocation. 


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